Bible Study Fellowship

Albuquerque West Evening Men

Study the Bible with us.

Verse by verse at BSF we study and apply God’s Word with a unique 4 part appoach. Questions, Group Discussion, Lecture, and Notes. For Men and Students. Tap the link below to join or give through a group .

Women’s Class meets at same time & location as the men’s west side class

Satellite Groups

Throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Men’s BSF Groups meet in person and online.   Tap the links below for information, join or give through one of the groups.

Giving to BSF

  1. Locate your Group above, and tap or click it.
  2. On the next screen tap “Give” button.

Live Stream Mondays

The Lecture is streamed here Monday Nights at 7:40 PM. This Lecture is only streamed during class time and is intended for members of BSF Albuquerque West Evening Men.

Music Playlists

BSF Students have access to a great music playlist with songs all about the themes in our study.  Adults are free to listen as well.